Today I took a little drive to the small town of Santa Ysabel to meet a new friend.  I had to deliver a few items to her and this was a good in between location.  We went to the new Santa Ysabel Casino for brunch.  It took some twisting of my arm LOL but when hey offered "free" money to play the slots I was in.  I also spun sa prize wheel and won $20 of credit.  So with $35 on my newly acquired card we took some time to play the slots.  I walked away $11 richer!  Hey, $11 is $11! 

After a delightful brunch we said our good-byes and I headed my way.  I decided to take some time to take in the local landscapes with my camera.  You could see all the way to the snow capped mountains.
_TWB3561 _TWB3564

I came upon an old cemetery that beckoned me at the Santa Ysabel Mission.  The mission was built in 1924 and offered the peace and picturesque environment I was looking for. 

Rarely do you get a moment to yourself but this one in particular was thought provoking and interesting.  I stood among a handful of graves and got to peak into their lives.  There were flowers and trinkets of things that meant a lot to them such as; stuffed animals, teapots, flags, china, Indian relics, toy trains, etc. 
_TWB3580 _TWB3582 
_TWB3583  _TWB3588  
_TWB3590 hmmmm…do you think this guy was a plumber?

This got me thinking……..what would l like laid at my final resting place (unless of course I am urned up).  What represents me?  So here is what I would like.  White daisies, photos of my family, a bottle of Stella beer, a few scrapping supplies (scallop scissors, bottle of glue Helmar of course, and an idea book), the strap from my Nikon camera, my passport (just in case I cross borders in the afterlife), my favorite tea mug and my Ed Hardy boots (actually I will be wearing those).  Ok, I know a little morbid but more of a moment of reflection.  Anyone care to share (heck, is anyone still reading this?).
_TWB3594 _TWB3608 
_TWB3604 Happy to have the best seat in the house……..above ground.

I enjoyed the solitude walking into the old church and taking a couple of photos along the way.   
_TWB3613  _TWB3626  
_TWB3619 _TWB3632 

Funny how life offers you Kodak moments all around you.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in a sacred place in perfect weather.