Thank you everyone for the positive mojo and prayers for The Furball.  Man-alive my life was easier when I was "not a dog person" and was not in touch with my feelings.  Just so you know I still think these things call feelings are way over-rated!.  Well…………..

Penny3 I took Penny to her new veterinarian today and let me tell you what a 150% difference that was from the second I walked through the door.  Each and every person who we had contact with was nice and compassionate to the pooch (and I!).  I think I needed it more.  And Dr. Woods was the most informative and compassionate doctor ever.  To the folks at Adobe Animal Hospital…THANK YOU!  And to my friend Julie M. who called them before I even got there to make sure the red carpet was out…thank you (you could have warned them just how crazy I am).  That was above and beyond nice of you to do. 

So the diagnosis has not changed but the foreboding and unaffordable options that were presented yesterday have changed.  She does have a Inguinal Hernia and Dr. Woods recommended surgery ASAP to avoid all the horrible things that are associated with this.  He gave me a full print out of costs (ouch but not as ouch as yesterday) and recommended they do the surgery TODAY!  I had to lament briefly but knew my only option was to do it despite the empty wallet.  I had done my homework on pet insurance and the vet verified that they would deem in pre-existing and genetic and not cover it.  Plus I thought of what could happen and suffering is not an option.

So…more positive mojo is requested for her today (and me!) as she undergoes surgery… well as the kiddos when I tell them tonight.  There is no guarantee it can be repaired AND…there is great risk since she is only 4 lbs.  But the outcome outweighs the risk.

As for mommy, Well I asked where my prescription was and basically will have to self-medicate with a glass of wine tonight as she spends the night in the animal hospital.  And I am going to reach out to some organizations my friends recommended for assistance to bring our Penny home.  I guess this will be my "Penny for a Penny" plea.

So again, the lessons are clear. 

  • Don't sweat the small stuff 
  • Be thankful for wonderful friends.  I so appreciate all the emails & comments!
  • Reaching out and being vulnerable is not a bad thing.
  • Sometimes wine is the answer.
  • Be thankful Mark does not mind 3:00 am wake-up calls to calm me.
  • My black boots do look great with my Puppy Purse.
  • and………….I am still "not a dog person".

So the only camera I had on hand was my iphone but I leave you with this….A Penny for Your Thoughts
Penny2 Penny1

Have a great day and THANK YOU!  I so appreciate the kind words.  My friends and family are the best!


One reason a dog can be such a comfort when you're feeling blue is that he doesn't try to find out why.  ~Author Unknown