It is no secret that I have lived my life as "not a dog person".  I claimed it, I owned it and then……..I owned a dog.  Today I took said "furball" to the vet to get the appropriate shots, check up, etc. only to find out that she has a hernia.  I will not bore you with the medical stuff however it is not your typical hernia and in a small dog such as Penny is very serious.  The veterinarian I visited was methodical in her medical descriptions but her people and emotional skills were seriously lacking.  But what did I know because "I am not a dog person".  So I had my furball and listened to the authority figure all the while thinking I would not let this person talk to my child like that but yet it was ok for the dog.  I had no idea.

Dr. Death-wish as I think of her gave me bummer news and I had tears welling up in my eyes yet no words to express it.  At one point the "Dr" said "How attached are your kids to the dog?"  I was dumbfounded.  I wanted to be a smart ass and say "Well, about as attached as we were to the twins after one week".  Who asks that?  Then it hit me……………I was attached to the furball. 

And I cannot imagine her not being a member of our family.  So what is the diagnosis and prognosis?  Don't know yet, need that second opinion tomorrow and hopefully one that brings some compassion and understanding.  Can I undergo the financial responsibility that this condition brings, most likely not.  Can I handle the emotional issues, yes!  Tomorrow is a another day and another opinion. 

So maybe this furball gave me the ability to be more emotional and to show I am a bit vulnerable.  She gave me a connection……who knew.  What a gift.  She also gave me the ability to not mop my floor every 2 minutes (extended it to 4 as I am exhausted by her little paw prints). So if you are are the praying type can you please include our Lucky Penny.  and if you are "not a dog person" like me…just some positive mojo will do.  So while Penny and the kids have no clue (no need to worry them), tomorrow is another day and hopefully a better one. You are only given what you can handle, right?  She came along for a reason and I am thankful.


As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.  ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy