I may be in trouble for this as I always get implicite permission to post about anyone seen here including my kids.  But this one I may have to fly solo and just take the hit if it comes (like the one of Tyler in an apron cooking).  Sometimes it is just so worth it and I am proud so darn it….

My oldest had a project due and being a freshman he is done without the mommy help (no worries, two 4th graders on deck who I still get to take over their projects).  He had to do a poster about him.  He went to work on it and came into my studio for things.  The best was when he walked in and said "Mom, do you have any glue" and started laughing. 

We connected on this project…maybe because it was an art project, he shared with me what he was doing, I gave him tips and he took them……..

I just loved his self portrait…..

Maybe the connection came from his writing……….

"I made my poster representing me in three ways: the color, organization, and pictures. The main color of the poster is red. It is a powerful color that demands attention. This is exactly me. The yellow on my writing pieces shows my bright energetic personality. The purple stands for my favorite color because of how unique it is. The purple contains all of my favorite things that I enjoy. The three hats I have on represent different things. The purple normal hat I’m wearing is my favorite hat, the jester hat shows my sense of humor, and the party hat represents how I’m a fun person to be around all the time. These things are organized according to my personality. There is a lot going on but it’s an “organized mess”. This is me."

maybe the connection was how proud I was reading his words about his own personality.  I know he never would like to hear this but his sense of humor, loudness, quick wit, brightness, etc……..maybe that apple did not fall so far from the tree.  Happy to see he embraces who he is.   

I do know this…I will never let him use my paper cutter as that boy chopped two of my projects in half!  but it was worth it.  and I did ask his permission afterall………….


PS…….I received permission to publish ♥

"Be utterly, totally, bravely truthful and true to yourself." ~Campbell Brown