My Dad is one of the most amazing Artists I know.  He is a low-key, simple guy and is like no other.  I am blessed to have many traits from my Dad (I would like to think my creativity) and my Mom (we can kill it with a label maker!).  Yesterday I got a gift that made me laugh and cry.

One thing you should know about my parents is that when they ship something it is hermetically sealed and could it go to Mars (strapped to the Space Shuttle) safely without a bruise.  There is so much packaging tape, bubble, wrap, boxes and peanuts that it is kind of like opening up those Russian dolls one after another.  Last night was no simple feat to get this open.  Micky did the honors of taping this for me.


Inside Box 1, Box 2 and Box 3 was the most beautiful Music Box that my dad made himself.  It is simply amazing and words cannot describe how special I felt opening that.  It was truly a labor of Love….

I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful this is…



and of course every piece he makes is finished off by his initials and an inset penny with the year it was made:



and it plays “Wind Beneath my Wings” (I danced with my Dad to this song at my wedding)



I even love the last box it came in!



Here is the Music Box he made Michaela (don’t tell her but mine is better!):

I was of course crying and am ever thankful to my Dad for his creativity and being the biggest softy under that hard exterior.  He is the Artist, Parent and Person I aspire to be.  And ever so thankful for my Mom for being an amazing, smart woman who made a very wise choice in snapping that fella up!

If anyone is interested my parents are available for employment and would be awesome in a packaging center.  I believe they are being considered to work for NASA.  Feeling blessed…

♥ ♥ ♥


 “Live simply.  Love generously.  Speak truthfully.  Breathe deeply.  Do your best.  Leave everything else to the powers above you.”