As I mentioned yesterday I completed the last page in my art journal and am excited to show a video recap of the hours I have poured into this book.  I started this in July 2015.  Some pages were done on the road, on vacations, at trade shows, airplanes, in my studio and more remote locations.


They have been the start where my classes were formed, a canvas was painted or just a safe haven to unleash my creative soul.  Some are done down to the varnish and some will remain unfinished.


Most I can look back and tell you where, when and how the pages were created (which is ironic because I have the a horrible memory for everything else!).


Most importantly they tell a story of my life….my art and more.  I am always afraid to share but most happy when I do.  What I get back is tenfold…….I hope you enjoy this VIDEO re-cap I made to turn the pages:

Thank you for sharing this creative journey with me…just a reminder to do something creative everyday!  See you when I return from PaperWorld in German!

Your self-doubt is only as strong as you allow it to be. If you continually justify why you can’t do something, you’re giving self-doubt complete control over your emotions, actions, and ultimately, your future. Don’t let that little voice inside your head stop you in your tracks.  Next time, turn down the volume by recognizing it’s there.  And follow the steps above.  Soon enough, you’ll have rewired your brain to auto-fill positive responses only. And finally, remember to beware of naysayers whose own self-doubt is threatening to curtail your efforts.  Move past their doubt and your own self-doubt triggers by coming up with a system to prove all this self-doubt wrong.”