7:00 am Wake-up/shower and get the day started. 
8:15 am Take Tyler to School
8:30-10 am – Workout.  Burned 600 calories..thanks Victoria for the motivation
10:15 – Micky’s haircut
11 :00 am – Costco and grocery store.  Gotta get food and thank you cards for coaches.  Made about 7 phone calls on the road. 
12:30 pm – Unload all those groceries, Fold 4 loads of laundry and eat lunch
2:00 pm – Go to school to make 500 copies for the PTA BoxTops Program and read to the kindergarten class
23:30 pm – Get boys ready for baseball
4:00 pm – Off to two baseball games including Joey’s season-end party.  Call to make sure pizzas are going to be delivered on time.
5:00 pm – Two baseball games going on at the same time
6:30 pm – Pizzas delivered and threw season end party for Joey.  Includes giving out all the coaches gifts.  Caught tail-end of Tyler’s game.  He got two hits and the game ball!  Way to go Ty!  I sure wish I could have been in two places at one time to see it.1
8:00 pm – Home and gave Pete leftover pizza and cake and now I am sinking into my bed exhausted.
9:30 pm – Go to my office to finish an album and finalize an article I am writing for Scrapbook Dimensions

Too bad my day is not nearly over!  I have one more baseball party to throw on Saturday and I can call it a season!  It was an great time but I am so glad it is over.  It has been a ton of fun being the team mom for two teams.  Joey’s coaches got me flowers and a gift certificate to a restaurant.  That was so nice!

I still have to post pictures from our weekend memorial day BBQ.  It is officially the start of the summer season and we started it with a bang on Saturday.