Scrapbook_dimensions_room_3Everyone since we added on my Scrapbook Studio it has been a goal of mine to see it Scrapbook_dimensions_cover published and my dream was realized today.  The new Magazine Scrapbook Dimensions did a two-page spread on my room. Look Dad, we did it!  I always knew my room could stand up with the best of them.  Maybe because I poured my heart and soul into this room and built it with my Dad that I know just how special it is! 

Scrapbook_dimensions_jadenAlso, my frame that I made for my friend Julie’s son was published on page 70. I really love this new magazine and highly recommend it.

Another busy day in the life of a Mom:
9-10 am Spinning Class
10-2 pm Work at office
2:30-3:15 pm – quickie nap since I did not go to my other office
4:15-6:30 pm – Off to Joey’s Baseball game
6:30-7:30 pm – Pizza delivery for the whole team.  I coordinated a pizza dinner for the whole team and their families.  What a great time for everyone!

What a great day!  Crazy to think that all these mundane activies make a great day but the family  was all together.  This next month will be crazy with baseball coming to an end and the final days of preschool and school.  I love all the craziness.  I complain from time-to-time but love the hub of activities.  I am a bit tired but I know it starts all over again tomorow.