I had to do a Prom layout for Buttons Galore & More.  I do not have Dsc_5846_2 any current prom pictures so I had to go digging.  Here is is what I came up with.  No laughing at my hair (click on photo to enlarge).  Give me a break…it was the Eighties.  This was not my Prom but Homecoming my junior year.  This is a very lumpy Dsc_5854bumpy layout so I took a digital photo of it.  I had a great time using all those buttons and got an even bigger kick looking at my old pictures.  This was a real challenge for me but I really love the look of this layout.  Lots of neat details on this layout. 

Feeling rather nostalgic today because I talked to my childhood neighbor today.  What a kick to see where our lives have taken us.  I have to say that I summed my life up by saying "I am a SUV-driving, baseball mom" and I love every minute of it (ok, not when I am cleaning up after everyone for the 80th time).  I can honestly say I took the road I wanted and am happy to see where it is taking me.  Now if that road could only get rid of my double chin LOL.