Dsc_2027 The kiddies rose at the crack of dawn.  We heard them yelling "Santa came" at 6:15 this morning!  I could have used a few more hours of sleep (you can see that in photos of me) but they were ready to go.  Dsc_2056 I think one of the best sounds is the sound of kids on Christmas morning.  Santa left lots of presents for each one and they loved what they got.  He even ate all the cookies and left footprints!  Tyler got lots of XBox games, a Nerf gun, books, Borders gift card, and these cool bookmark timers.  They are so cool.  They keep track of how long he reads which will be great for school.  Micky got a bike helmet & training wheels for her bike, a doll that cries/laughs/eats, real make-up, nail polish and Tinker Bell Dsc_2139bedding for her bed.  JoJo scored with a Nerf gun, the Cars movie & XBox Game, a Razor scooter and a new bike!  Pete and I agreed not to exchange gifts as we consider the remodel gift enough.  He did buy me a beautiful card and wrote such loving things.  Grandma and Grandpa got a beautifully made calendar from Alli & Tim, a picture frame from Tyler (with a picture of him of course) and they got the annual scrapbook for us.  Due to everything going on this one was not as complete as I wanted but I have the month of January to work on it and get it done.  If you Dsc_2127would like to see the pages click here.  I have been wanted to share this for the last month. 

Once the presents were unwrapped I went back from 7:30 am to 10:30 am.  For some reason I still have not shaken this cold or whatever I have completely and I get tired real easy.  It was nice to head back to bed and everyone else had to deal with getting those toys out of the boxes.  Grandma even polished Micky’s nails and toe nails.  Once I finally got up we cleaned up and some friends came over with more gifts in hand.  It was cute when they handed us a gift basket and I handed them the exact same one.  Great minds think alike. 

Then we sat down for a good dinner of ham, scalloped potatoes and green beans that I made. It was delicious.  After clean-up we were pooped out and all were glad that this holiday was over.  We made it through another one.  And we are all thankful we could be together with Grandma and Grandpa