Today I was bringing Micky home from gymnastics (just the two of us which is rare).  I had misplaced my cell phone and had to go back to the gym to find it (where I left it of course).  When we got back in the car Micky asked:

Micky:  "Mom, do you workout where the boys are?"
Mom:  "I sure do….girls can lift weights, run, play hockey, baseball and everything boys can do".
She was amused by that.
Micky:  "That is so cool.  I did not know that"
Then we proceeded to talk about how bad smoking is for you (random conversations with a five year old).
Micky:  "I am never going to smoke cigarettes.  Miss Cindy said it is bad for you"
:  "Yep, you can die from it, do you want that?"
Micky:  "No way
Mom:  "Well good because I cannot wait to see you grow up and do whatever you want.  Workout with the boys, lift weights, play baseball, go to collage, get a job, get married, be a momma to a good girl like you and do what you want to do"
Micky:  "I want to be just like you (pause)…happy.  and my best momma"

Tears welled up.  Thanks Micky for that Moment in Time when you saw me for what I am and how I feel and taking an innocent moment to appreciate me.  Then I thought to myself that I better write this down because at 13-18 she may not be feeling the same way.