Today I brought the kids home from preschool and said they could make their own egg-salad sandwiches.  They just love them.  After each one had made their own sandwich my cell phone rang.  I was half listening to the twins talking while I was setting an appointment.  Joey looks over at Mick and says (with a straight face)…"Damn, this is good".  I stopped in mid-sentence and said "Joey what did you say".  He repeated it like it was nothing.  I wanted to just bust out laughing but of course ended my call and had to explain to him that we don’t talk like that.  With an even straighter face he says "but Mom, this is so good".  Not sure if I should be mad he used it or happy that he used the word right.  Not a great word but appropriate for that great sandwich.

Today I was stuck home in another 4 hour window.  I was waiting for our old refrigerator to be picked up.  I have now decided that the whole four hour window deal is not so bad.  I will be telling the kids that starting Monday I will be picking them up any time between 1-5.  I have also learned in these last fews weeks that when someone starts a sentence with "Mam" or "Miss" then something bad is coming or I will owe more money.  "Mam, the extra parts will be $25", "Miss, we hooked up the water line to the refrigerator but your valve is leaking", etc.  Today it was "Mam, if you look out your window you will see a big truck.  That is me and I am stuck in a ditch".  Yes, the refrigerator pick-up guy got stuck in a ditch.  I thought it would be rude to just roll the refrigerator out to the poor guy so we hung around waiting for him for 5 hours.  Poor guy had to head back to L.A. at 5:30 pm.  Now I clearly dread when someone calls me "Mam".

And for all of you who have said they sit down with their morning coffee and read what I have to say……..Thank you!  The world according to Tracy is never dull I guess.

Pink_1 On a serious note, a dear friend of mine had a mammogram recently and they found some questionable things.  Thankfully all looks benign but further testing is necessary.  This has prompted her to call me regularly to make that dreaded appointment.  My Doctor is not as pro-active about it as I would like and recommends a mammogram at 40.  On Monday I am going for a complete physical and am going to push her for that referral.  Since I do have breast cancer in my family I think this is important so this is my shout out to all my friends.  Please put YOU first and set that appointment!