After fully recovering from lack of sleep I got two more layouts done for Best Creation.  I have two more days to get things done and feeling a bit over-whelmed (in a good way).  I will be working right down to departure time.  I am not complaining one bit!  So here they are……..

Lots of people ask me what the kids do while I am working in my studio or where I find the time.  Well, usually the kids are sleeping as I work when everyone goes to bed.  Being a night-owl is not all that bad.  I call that "me" time.  These last few days I have spilled over my work into the afternoon and the kids are right in there gluing with me.  I have a couple of craft bins they dig in and paint, glue and cut with me.  Gee, I need to get some pictures of them.  I did love it when each of my kid’s preschool teachers said that all my kids had mastered scissor cutting at a young age.  Of course they had!  Gee, maybe they would have benefited more if I was a scientist because I am not sure how far that scissor cutting will take them but you never know, I may have the next Picasso on my hands….as quoted:

"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."
Pablo Picasso