I did get permission to post these photos of Ty from his school dance but let me tell you there was bribery involved.  The anti goes up every year!  By high school I may have to take a second on the house just to post a photo of my boy. 


Last weekend he went to his winter drance with his buddies (and for those of you asking….no girls! at least that is what they tell us moms).  I had the pleasure of driving these dapper Dons (and was thoroughly entertained by their conversations on the way). 


Of course there were more outtakes with these clowns…



So proud of these three buddies all the way from elementary school.

My guy is growing up so fast.  I treasure photos like this…..

So after all was said and done cost of new red shirt, tie, black pants…….times like these…absolutely PRICELESS!


Don't wait to make your son a great man – make him a great boy.  ~Author Unknown