For the past 6-7 years I have had the honor and challenge of volunteering to photograph our entire school.  When you think of that, that is over 500 kids (that is over 1000 arms to keep down by their sides!) plus 20 adults staring into the sun wearing a color coordinated shirt in some shape.  Sounds fun, huh?  This year we did the American Flag. 

I always say I have the easy job but trying to make this fun for the kids is not easy.  Plus in previous years I had to balance on a huge ladder in the back of a truck like a Wallendas Brother.  The past two years we have gotten a lift donated which poses it's own issues as I don't like heights and this thing goes high!! 

The best part is this is the one time of year they trust me with a megaphone!



Did I mention how much I do not like heights and love when Jim says 'Hang on" and I have never let go!


Thanks so much to the awesome coordination of Janine and Jim…so great to work together on this!  Thanks too to all the volunteers that wrangle those little darlings into place.


and to the entire school…………way to rock the Flag this year!  As always I was challenged and had a great time doing it!


This is an example of trying new things!  I had no idea what I was saying yes to years ago and despite my fear of heights and being in front of people (yep a big one for me!) I have photographed: A Red Bow, Just Say No Symbol, Sunglasses, Paw Print, the School Initials (twice) and now a Flag.  This is one volunteer gig I just love!  Anything to be with the kiddos! 

 "Life is short.  If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do something that matters to you, that moment is now."