This year we discovered that my sweet little Micky has a deep aggressive side and she found it on the basketball court of all places!  After an awesome season (first place champs!) Michaela found out she was selected for the all-star team!  Her awesome coach selected her and she was more than excited to play under his coaching again!

I was so happy for her.  A couple of Saturday's ago she played her heart out along with her teammates and won!


What was neat was that we won the game 15-14 so Micky's Free throw shot made the little difference ….all the girls played hard and great!

so proud of them all!

Micky certainly has found her for this this game (which thrills me!) and now we are looking to play along with this coach on a travel team!  Looking forward to seeing her play some more.


"It is your attitude at the beginning of a task that determines success or failure"