Most days I feel like a video camera should be following me around to record the tiny mishaps of life and the little things that don't go my way on a day-to-day basis.  You know how you wake up and from the get-go you run late, there is no hot water in the shower, you spill your tea, kids forget something (homework, cleats, books, agendas, gym clothes, lunches, the list is endless!), and you run over your garbage cans on the way out and drag them 50 feet (don't ask).  For the most part that is pretty much how every day of my life goes.  So when we have to be at the soccer fields at 9 am on a Saturday (including a 1 hour drive) I pretty much expected the unexpected.  There is a whole host of things that could go wrong from the get go. 

Well Saturday I DID NOT have one of those days.  I swear the All-Star Good Luck Gods were following me.  Now first off I went to bed at 2:00 am the night before and had to get up at 6:30 am.  This in itself is a recipe for disaster.  Then I had to get three kids out with full gear, activity bag (for twins), some sort of food together that resembled a lunch, cooler full of drinks, blankets (for cold), umbrella for sun, camera gear to record the chaos, and drive 1 hour to the fields.  Now anywhere in there I have factored in a margin of error (a big one!). 

But…..quite the contrary happened and I will sum up as follows…

  1. I had a hot shower to wake myself up
  2. Each kid packed their own gear and did not forget anything
  3. They loaded the car without me asking or yelling.
  4. I made hot chocolate and tea for our ride and no one spilled nor fought over it.
  5. We got there 15 minutes early and found it no problem.
  6. We got the FRONT parking space!
  7. Twins occupied themselves
  8. We had a nice warm blanket just in case and had no need for umbrella
  9. We had cold pizza for lunch! 
  10. Our second game got moved up one hour hence getting us out of there one hour earlier
  11. I only had to use the nasty porta-potty once and there was protective gear (see below). 
  12. We came home utterly exhausted and everyone napped!  The house was quiet and I nestled in my bed all snug as a bug.

I mean seriously, for a second I was afraid to drive home due to this patch of good luck.  Now as for the part that was not so great.  We lost both All-star games (on the bright side that could mean one less game on Sunday!).  There were moments of glory….


and agonies of defeat…..(so not ready for this shot but it tells the story).

So despite the losses my spirit could not be broken.  I was warm and cozy watching my boy.

Remember that protective gear I mentioned, a fellow mom came equipped with the most important item. 

 I mean really people, there is someone watching over me!

Back to the fields Sunday to do it all over again.  Not sure lightening could strike twice but I will take the day I had today and treasure it.