Sorry for the comments problem two posts ago.  Some of the comments did not go through or got erased.  I fixed it.  I loved the emails that I got about everyone’s dream car.  I think there will be a day that are a lot of hot moms driving sports cars.  I may have grey hair but it will happen! 

I was excited when my friend Shelly said my scrapbook studio was highlighted at Scrapbook Studio.  How cool is that?  Even more funny is I had no clue!  Dsc_0707_4

So lately I have been working off the scrapbook page.  Nothing is safe Dsc_0709from me altering it.  Yesterday it was a napkin holder.  You should have a pretty one of those LOL.  Today it is this Halloween wall hanging.  Janine and I picked these up at Michael’s and challenged one another to decorate them.  I cannot wait to see hers.  Kind of a fun project.  I was thinking that I have so many of these projects I may have to have a craft liquidation sale one day.  Pretty much everyone I know will get an altered give one day.  I know my moms love the Tea Holder I made.  I am having a lot of fun!  I may be altering our toilet seat when I run out of things to alter.  Now that will be one royal throne….LOL!

I just have to say I love the comments and emails I get from here so that brings me to the Topic of the day…..Let me know who you are?  How did you find your way here and where are you from?  I want to know more about you!  Please take a moment to leave a comment or email me. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!