There is a first time for everything and this one may take the cake.  I had the opportunity to give a bra and thought to myself that I needed it to be a reflection of me so I purchased a $10 rather padded bra (hey a girl needs all the help she can get!) and set to work making it suit my personality. 

What says me more than paper and bling.  So here is the finished piece of art……

All it took was some punched flowers, glue & Dew Drops.

Picture 55a
Picture 56a
Picture 57a

I am more than proud of my creation that is now adorning a friend's local establishment.  All for a ton of laughs!. What an absolutely great night to unveil my latest creation!  There is no limit to what this Artist will alter.

I am so glad they did not ask for the matching bottoms!  I wonder how well an altered bikini would hold up?  I may be on to a whole new business!  Think of the possible company names: Tracy's Blingy Bras Inc., Paper Panties & More, Over the Shoulder-Paper-Boulder-Holders….Oh boy I better stop before this gets worse.

Hope everyone had a blinged out weekend!


"That was the day she made herself the promose to live more from intention and less from habit." ~Unknown