Just as quickly as summer came in the first day of school swooped down upon us and they are off again.  This year I am the proud mom of two 6th-graders and an 11th-grader.  

It was bitter-sweet today as I walked the twin's into school realizing that this is the final first day at this school….they are growing up so fast….


Kindergarten was just yesterday!


I have loved this walk for the past 11 years….



I am one proud momma today…




Now the real work begins and for us parents we just want them to do well, work to their potential and enjoy these years.  Time to be a parent…not a friend and do everything we can to help them achieve their goals.  To all the kids and teachers heading back I wish you all the best year.  We leave our children in your hands ♥ and take in the silence.  


 "Every moment counts.  Every second matters.  Whatever is given is a gift.  Right now life isn’t perfect, but it sure is good.  Acknowledging this is is the foundation for all the happiness and abundance you seek."