oh Friday how I love thee. I started out my day with a great workout.  This capped off a great week of working out and eating well.  Unfortunately, by the time I picked up Tyler I felt a headache coming on and laid down.  I slept for a bit and woke up with a migraine, accompanied by nausea and light sensitivity.  It is 10 pm and I still feel remnants of the headache.  Headache, headache go away!

           So do you think she looks like me?My_girl

Yesterday I put the finishing touches on this for Buttons Galore & More.  Oh how I love all their buttons & brads. This picture was taken of Micky and I last weekend. 

Tomorrow we have a day full of basketball and baseball.  I am happy to say that Pete has the day off and will be joining us.  The boys are happy to have dad in the audience.  This new work schedule is so hard on Pete because I know it kills him to miss being in those bleachers.  He gets his chance tomorrow and the weather is supposed to be San Diego perfect.