Our 4th Annual "Kids are Back to School" Kayak trip (I must come up with a better name) was Monday.  Every year my fellow mommies book some poor innocent college tour guides to take us on the ocean, listen to us moan, groan and complain.  
Kayak1 copy 

I am telling you that I have not laughed as hard in so long as I did on this trip.  It was those great belly laughs that just keep you going.  From the young tour-guide lad who called my name and I thought he said "That is one Big Girl"……He actually said "Bingo".  Boy, was he scared of me LOL.  To Denise's helmet that she had on backwards for the first 1/4 of the trip.  I loved Betsy's and Victoria's approach on shore where Victoria paddled like crazy and Bets looked like the relaxed Queen.  My boat had "Princess" on board (me) and Ms. Universe (Kelly).  How could you not love those nicknames and after being called "Big Girl" I took to this nickname much faster. 
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We had fears of 5-6' swells, clouds and cold temperatures but what greeted us was clear/calm waters, blue skies, and awesome temps.  I swear there is nothing like the Pacific Ocean to wipe your cares away.  I absolutely love being on and in the water.  We did not get to venture into the caves this year due to the churning seas.  Once you see those waves crash up like a swirling washing machine and you think of yourself being washed up on shore and being rescued by some cute lifeguard, you lose all faculties and volunteer to chance it.  Oh wait, no you do not.  You think of your valuable life and put the thoughts of that hot lifeguard aside.  So none of us washed on shore and not one of us tipped over.  
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Thanks girls for the laughs, the banter, and the much beloved annual adventure that I promise I will find a better name for one day.  Just think how much fun this will be when we are 80!