Imgthing_2OK, I am going to admit something that makes me very girly.  Yes, I love sports, beer, hiking, weight-lifting, no make-up, sweating, skulls (I know strange), and even a bloody hockey fight but I also love anything pink, black & white polka dots, a pretty purse with a space for everything, sun-dresses, and one more thing.  I love a Saturday full of Lifetime movies.  Now it is rare I get to watch a complete movie however once in a while no one wants to leave the house. 

The movies are depressing beyond belief, they make you cry, and the romance stories are unbelievable but a Saturday full of Lifetime is a secret love of mine.  LifetimelogoEvery story is the same…Someone always falls in love, has a terminal illness, or has their babies switched at birth but they reel me in every time.  Then I am stuck there for two hours watching an ending that is inevitable.  They will live happily ever after, the cancer patient will die but a lesson will be learned and the  babies end up with their real parents and again everyone lives happily ever after.  Then the next movie starts.  I have to literally drag myself away from the darn things.  So there you have it.  I am a beer drinking, pink sun-dress wearing, sports fanatic who loves tennis shoes and watching grown men fight on ice kind-of-girl who loves the occasional chick-flick.

Did I mention I love chocolate ice cream too and there is not a lick of that in this house to go with this movie!