If there was a world record for wrapping up a holiday I would probably take it.  Less than 24 hours after Santa came down that chimney the decorations and tree went right back up into the attic.  Yes, OCD Tracy took all the decorations down yesterday and put them away.  I know "bah humbug" but "nah nah nah a boo, my decorations are packed away and I am done".  OK, enough of that bratty behavior.

Tyler had his special day with grandma at Borders and out to lunch.  He came home with three books and a CD.  Score!  The twins, dad and I made a run to Costco and Wal-Mart.  After spinning this morning with Dad I felt guilty for eating that big Churro at Costco so may hit that gym one more time tonight with mom.  Might as well take advantage.  We are thinking of doing a 5K on Friday.  Am I crazy?

I gave my Cricut another run last night and made two more layouts for FiberMark:Love_1 3_generations_1