1Let me get this straight, I am not a purse girl but I found another perfect one! I found it in a magazine from our art museum and have to get it.  I wish I would have walked in to get it.  Here it is…..I think I have to have this bag.  Let’s see my birthday is coming up….dropping hints here.  Pete I left a shortcut on the desktop if you need more info.  OK, can I get more obvious here?

Tonight a friend and I went to the San Diego Art Museum for the Annie Leibovitz showing.  I actually got tickets from the radio station to go to a private showing and we had a great time.  This was the second time I made a visit.  Pete and I went last week with the twins.  I really enjoyed it.  She is an amazing photographer and I just love the art museum here.  I have to say the food was not to my liking (I am not a lentil & falafel kind of girl) but the desserts were to die for.  Thanks Janine for going.