April As a Mom, there is one day I love to celebrate.  You may think that is Mother's Day….nope!  It is April Fool's Day.  It is the one day of year you can really fool with your kid's psychy and not be arrested.  Last year was a topper for me as some of you may remember as the prank (with the help of my friend Julie) ended up on The Jimmy Kimmell show!  Oh the memories.

This year, I have been busy and the day snuck up on me.  Tyler was nervous the Eve of April Fool's and was begging me not to do anything.  He had to leave at 5 am for a Track Meet in Los Angeles so I decided to have mercy on him.  But the fear and anxiety I could sense he was feeling was good enough for me.  Sometimes the best laid plans are to just wait. 

He also went as far as to sneak on my computer to send his Godmother Julie (usually my partner in crime but she is on vacation) an email…

"Hi uhhh this is your favorite godchild tyler….as u kno april fools is tomaro and im sorry for the short notice but i completley forgot….i know my mom is planning something and so are u. But i want revenge because of last year:) i was thinking of doin small stuff but do u have any ideas?"

Little did he know he sent it to the wrong Julie!   Thank you Julie Walton for forwarding it to me.  I requested we play a a little with this and asked her to respond with:

"Dear Godson, I feel for ya! And you are my favorite Godson.  I wish there was something I could do but she has got some big things planned so watch your back.  She even has me scared this year  ~Jules"

I love how I have two Julie's helping me and one did not even know it!

But now for the real fun.  What could I do to all three kids and not damage them too much.  This year I decided to incorporate The Furball.  I even did baking for this!  Thank you to Carey Schumacher for the "Poop" cookie receipe.

I set out to baking……….

With the "cookies" in place………IMG_1934a and my friend manning the camera it was lights, camera, action!

Oh the sweet joys of being a Mother!  Happy Mother's Day to me!  Not sure Tyler is still talking to me! and our unsuspecting kid's friends….what a bonus!  A mothers true delight!  Happy April Fool's Day!


"The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e.e. cummings