Countdownt to my birthday is on!

and Art is in my heart!  I have been painting and creating like crazy and when projects start to pile up I run out of time to photograph and list all the products I used.  Also I am behind on sharing the pages you have been sharing with me via the Flickr Page so I will be doing that in the next few days to get all caught up!  

First off, I finished my 9 X 12 Art Journal!  This was the largest to date that I had created but I have gone even BIGGER! (who says bigger is not better!).  Here are the last pages in my 9 X 12 Art Journal and boy does it feel good to be done!

How how great it feels to be done with this large book!


Here is the entire art journal from start to finish:

So many of you have been sharing your pages so stay tuned in the days to come and I will be sharing!! To upload and see all the amazing pages click HERE:


I hope that you are finding Art in your Heart too!  So much to share! and this weekend I commence with the birthday fun!


"i think everything in life is art. what you do. how you dress. the way you love someone, and how you talk. your smile and your personality. what you believe in, and all your dreams. the way you drink your tea. how you decorate your home. or party. your grocery list. the food you make. how your writing looks. and the way you feel….life is art." ~Unknown