An artist needs a place to workout, clear the head and try new things.  As you know mine is my Canson art journal and I am ever trying to learn, expand and share what I love.  Here is just a little play in my art journal that I based December 5th’s Mixed Media Monday on….


and here is how this page came to life one late night……

love2 love3

You can check out my materials list HERE and my video for more details on how this page came to life.  For now back to my art journal and more to come!

You might think more and more (and more) outward success will make you happy because you live in a world where you’ve been taught that once you have the right career and the right title and the right friends then you will be happy.  In reality how it really works is the complete opposite – once you are happy, then you attract the people, the career and the abundance you seek.  It starts on the inside.”