I am putting it out there…the creative mojo has left the building.  I have been behind computers and have had little time with my paint brushes and for that I feel horrible!  Yep!  Putting that out there too.  It puts me in a bad mood.  My poor art journal has sat and sat….these are the last couples of pages completed weeks ago………

flower1 butterfly1and this latest one is my attempt at winter…..


All pages created with DecoArt Media line.

So what do I do when my creative mojo has gone….I write, regroup and am cutting myself a break.  Tonight I am catching up on my blog, unloading photos and reminding myself the importance of that paint brush in my hand.  It is time to get back in the saddle and get some projects done that speak to me.  Time to light that fire!  Today’s blog quote rings very true to me……time to step back.  How do you find your mojo when it has left the building?

When everything seems jumbled and rushed, challenge yourself to take a step back so you can see things clearly again.”