Well…the final page in my art journal was painted last night.  It was a throwback for me of beverage art and more of an abstract take.  I love it…..


This was painted with the DecoArt Media line..



The whole process of painting this reminded me of my love of just painting and doing what I love.  Sometimes I get lost in the daily grind but lately I have returned to my love for all things painting in art journal.  This labor of love that has traveled with me, kept me company, been a diary of my life, been my place for ideas and more.  It is a wrap…..

JournalIt will continue to be by my side but a new chapter is about to start in my journey of art…..A whole new book will be started in Germany of all places.  Oh the places we will go!  Stay tuned for a final recap of all the pages from this book and for new pages!  This is a journey I share with so many others and for that I am thankful!  So to that I raise my glass and say Cheers!

There’s incredible power (and freedom) to be harnessed when you realize EVERYTHING in your life is your responsibility.  Your current lifestyle, body, relationships, etc. are simply a receipt printout of everything you’ve done up until this point.  And if you want to change it, you’re going to have to realize first that you’re the only one who possibly can.  Stop waiting on someone else to rescue you.  Every time someone asks me, “How do you live the way you do?” I answer:  “I decided a few years ago that if I wanted to write a story worth reading when I got old, I’d have to be the one who took responsibility for creating it.”