I love to talk about art journals and YES I do have favorites!  I love to use art journals because they are idea books that are easily transportable and they come in a variety of sizes.  I prefer ones that slip right into my travel bag so I can take them anywhere.

If you are looking for my favorites they are in my Shop (in stock journals ship right away!):  https://tracyweinzapfelstudios.com/product-category/artjournals/

The first thing when selecting an art journal is the type of paper.  I typically work in layers with wet media so I prefer Mixed Media and Watercolor paper.  There are a number of journals out there and I say use what you are most comfortable with.  Watercolor or mixed media paper will enable you to get that surface really wet without the paper buckling.

The Grumbacher journals I use also come in paper covers and hardcovers with “In & Out” pages that allow you to remove sheets form the pad for painting, reworking scanning and more!  Upon completion you can simply return the sheets right back into the pad!










I also mix and match my journals!  I am always changing sizes and playing with new ones.  Remember your art journal is your safe space.  You can share it or choose to keep pages private.  Mine are a diary of my life!  Happy Art Journaling!

Remember, I am open to your ideas and want to know what you would like to see from My Art Studio…leave me a comment and I will deep dive into more!