Someone posted the question to me the other day on what I bring with me in my travels as far as art supplies.  The truth of the matter is you will rarely find me without art supplies of some type.  You can usually find them on my nightstand at night too.  For example today I took my son to the DMV to get his permit (YES he passed!) so while I was killing the time I played in my doodle book….



First and foremost I divide my supplies in Viewtainers.  This way if I only want my markers they and/or journaling pens they are easy to grab.  I prefer the Tethered tops as you cannot lose them and easy to get things in and out.


So here is a close up of my travel supplies (click to enlarge)…



My journaling supplies:



And here is my DMV piece of art…….


and my son with his driver's permit!


Just because…..let's do a Viewtainer giveaway!  A Red, White & Blue Viewtainer 3-Pack (which are ON SALE!) to a random winner for leaving a comment on this blog post AND please go to Viewtainer on Facebook and leave a comment there!  You can pick from the 2" X 4" or 6"! They are close to 700 LIKES SO LET"S GET THERE!


Have fun on your summer travels and even around town!  


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and believe your true inner voice, the stronger it will become."