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I’m back!  I’m painting!  I’m blogging! I decided to come back and use my website as a resourse of things I have going on, answer questions, talk about my favorite art supplies and more!  (whatever you want to see!)

The number one question I get about my art studio is how I created my Wall of Paint that holds my 2 oz paints. This blog post from May 2014 is my most visited so I thought it was best to return to blogging with answering questions about this wall with updated photos.

I house all my favorite and most used DecoArt Paints here:

I adjusted all the “shelving” which is is simply t-grid metal 4′ strip for an acoustic drop down ceiling that you see in most commercial uses. I purchased the 4′ strips at Home Depot for about $5-10/each and installed them into the studs with screws. There is a natural lip on them to keep your items secure.

Here is how that looks as used in a t-grid ceiling:

I created this wall over 15 years back and it has worked perfectly and is a great use of wall space (not to mention a fun backdrop in my videos). 

I am a DecoArt Maker so if you are looking to add to your supplies:

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Here is a close up of the shelves.  Remember to adhere them into wood studs for sturdy support and to hold the weigh of the paints: 

I sure hope this helps and is a great resource for you.  Now I want to know what you want to see or hear from me?  We can talk about anything.  I just love to write and happy to be sharing again.  My favorite supplies, storage, life, liberty……you name it!  Leave me a comment.

24 thoughts on “Tracy’s Wall of Paint – Paint Storage

    • I would say they would be too narrow for that large of a bottle. You may want to check the local hardware store. Yay my blog is back and hopefully helpful!

  1. Great visual Tracy. I have purchased shelves wooden wall from IKEA that work well to hold my paints as well as pictures. They are a 3” width. I don’t have nearly the selection you do but I’ll be adding to my collection of art paints soon.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I would love a lesson in watercolors! I have used acrylics for many years, thanks to you I love watercolors. I have learned a lot through watching you, I would like to know the “deep dive” into them! Thanks

      • What a joy to see you back Tracy👏 Plan to get involved. Your work always inspires & motives me. I count you as a special part of my life over time & am grateful!

      • Wow Sharon, Thank you so much! Feels so great to be back and creative with you all!

  3. Thanks for sharing how you created your paint shelving and the closeups of the ends. I sure like the idea of the metal which doesn’t add the extra weight of wooden shelves 👍

  4. Love the paint wall. Always amazed at what ideas people have. Tracy is there a trick you use when paints start to thicken in bottles. Even when never opened?

    • You can add water to acrylic paints as they are water based and then give them a good shaking. If they are too dry then you do have to toss. Hope that helps

  5. Thank you Tracy…I will certainly be trying this way of storing my paint. I think I have as many as you, maybe even more…🤪.different medias…So Soft, Glass and Enamels….mostly all Americana…to bad they don’t ship to Canada..😢…well looking forward to more postings…thanks again

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