I’m back!  I’m painting!  I’m blogging! I decided to come back and use my website as a resourse of things I have going on, answer questions, talk about my favorite art supplies and more!  (whatever you want to see!)

The number one question I get about my art studio is how I created my Wall of Paint that holds my 2 oz paints. This blog post from May 2014 is my most visited so I thought it was best to return to blogging with answering questions about this wall with updated photos.

I house all my favorite and most used DecoArt Paints here:

I adjusted all the “shelving” which is is simply t-grid metal 4′ strip for an acoustic drop down ceiling that you see in most commercial uses. I purchased the 4′ strips at Home Depot for about $5-10/each and installed them into the studs with screws. There is a natural lip on them to keep your items secure.

Here is how that looks as used in a t-grid ceiling:

I created this wall over 15 years back and it has worked perfectly and is a great use of wall space (not to mention a fun backdrop in my videos). 

I am a DecoArt Maker so if you are looking to add to your supplies:

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Here is a close up of the shelves.  Remember to adhere them into wood studs for sturdy support and to hold the weigh of the paints: 

I sure hope this helps and is a great resource for you.  Now I want to know what you want to see or hear from me?  We can talk about anything.  I just love to write and happy to be sharing again.  My favorite supplies, storage, life, liberty……you name it!  Leave me a comment.