Before I left for CHA I posted HERE about who I am today as an artist and it was about Collaboration vs Competition.  Funny how this rang true for me.  Upon meeting Andy Skinner I knew (ok, assumed) some things…he is English (accent gives it away), could be grumpy as he does not smile in his photos near often enough and our art styles could not be more different.  That was rather intimidating (but don’t tell him that).


His style is dark, distressed, antique, steam-punk and he uses tons of browns.  His work is amazing (again please don’t repeat that).  He actually makes things look rusted on purpose:


Someone commented on my Facebook that “Andy is a National treasure” so again I was intimidated.  My style on the other hand is…..well vibrant, bright, full of flowers and hearts, whimsical…and I don’t think I have used many if any shades of brown!

Upon working with him I realized he is funny, a prankster like me and never turn your back.  Also, he is too is passionate about what he does.  He gets nervous before workshops, demo’s, etc. and I can tell he cares that each and every person come away feeling inspired and creative.  We have that in common.  So maybe we were not that different.  Our sarcastic humor never left a dull moment at the booth.  There were moments of cheeky humor, photo bombing and creative competition.  Maybe there is something to Totally Tracy and Absolutely Andy.

a little behind the scenes video HERE…..

Stay tuned for a collaboration between Andy and me.  The Creative Dare has been set to work outside our comfort zones!


We have something in the works and our DecoArt worlds are about to collide.  I am excited to collaborate in 2015.  It is key to working with others in so many capacities and daring yourself to grow as a person and artist.  I DARE YOU ANDY SKINNER!

Live your life not as a bystander.  Live in this world, on this day, and everyday hereafter as an active participant.  Every morning, ask yourself what is really important to you, and then find the courage, wisdom and willpower to build your day around your answer.”