Have you ever been worried about throwing a party that no one will come to?  Or making a dinner that no one wants to eat?  Or putting hours into decorating a parade float where no crowds are lining the street? (ok, maybe not that one but you get the picture)……I always have those doubts!  Those doubts are just hurdles.  So I have my blog where I love to write it as it is a reflection of me.  It originally was to share pictures of the kids with my family so I was just thrilled to know that my two uncles are regular readers. Who wants to read about my kids day after day but people were reading it.

And then there was my Art.  It was private and I had those doubts about sharing.  Whether it was scrapbooking, painting or photography I was guarded about it.  Then I started putting myself out there like writing the blog and sharing my work.  Then I went LIVE on the internet.  What was I thinking?  Who is this Tracy Weinzapfel (catchy name though that no one can pronounce) and why would anyone watch her.  So here I was putting out the invites and hoping two people joined me (other than my mom & dad). And I started teaching and it was easy because I love what I do and I love my job (but it still meant sharing that artistic side of me). 

And my Gratitude Journey……I thought if ONE person joined me I would be so thrilled.  Then I started getting emails and photos of journals people are working on (I will be sharing!) and I am honored!

"If you Build it, they will come!"

So today's Gratitude entry is about Art…….it gave me the ability to jump those hurdles (no matter how big or small).  Put myself out there (just for who I am) and be me (the bloopers and all).  My art may never hang in The Louvre next to the Mona Lisa (can you imagine LOL!) but it hangs in my heart daily.  It lets me be me and put it all out there. 



  • Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots
  • Acrylic Paint – Decoart
  • Rub ons – Creative Imaginations
  • Pen – White Uniball Signo


I believe that some of my color inspiration came from my daughter's outfit today…gotta love her sense of fashion!  I think we can all learn from her statement……..


Jumping those hurdles and meeting the greatest people in the process.  The other day I told someone "You have to take chances, share your art and remember if you don’t try you won’t have those successes………You will win some and you will lose some (but if you don’t try….All missed opportunities)."  Time to follow my own words and jump some more hurdles (no matter how uncoordinated I am as I found out trying Zumba yesterday).


"You hold the keys to your own kingdom.  Be fearlessly committed to your desires, your beliefs, your soul and your true self" ~ Kristin Gibbs