Day two in Palm Springs found us poolside soaking in the California rays. This was the warm-up for my second photo shoot at sundown.  Randy recommended a pond that was near his house.  He was unsure of the conditions but I told him I was game and was all in.

When I say I say pond, I mean POND!  It was equipped with fish, ducks and other unknown wildlife.  Remember, this is my crazy idea so I am in.  One look at that pond and I longed for those cranberry & vodka’s from yesterday.  This might take the cake on crazy……we warmed up with some photos…….
Rkp_8196 Come on, you can do better Trace!
Rkp_8201 Rkp_8202 Much better! 

I have this low threshold for odors and wildlife stuff so my immediate recation was an atrocious yakking sound.  Our lovely photographer’s assistant found my dry heaving very funny but the bride did not (nor did the photographer).  Again this was one of those shoots I did not want to be lingering in and taking a lot of time so Randy went right to work.  So in I went….
Rkp_8220 Rkp_8222

Once I was "comfortable" the real work began and I just want to footnote one detail.  No wildlife was harmed in the process and my "nether regions" NEVER made contact with this water.  Thank heavens for that rock poking out of the water.  Ok, back to the photos……….
Rkp_8231 Rkp_8243 Rkp_8257_2
Rkp_8247 Rkp_8251 Rkp_8252
Rkp_8265 Rkp_8267 Rkp_8275
Rkp_8302 Rkp_8306
Rkp_8309_2 Rkp_8310 See my new friends?
Rkp_8320 Rkp_8321_4  

Do do you want to meet the magic man behind the camera?  Randall Phillips of Randall K Phillips Photography
Dscn0045_3 Dscn0044  THANK YOU RANDALL!
and one more thank you to Susan!  She makes a great photographer’s assistant and an even better best friend.  And thanks Pete for keeping those kids home and happy.  They were all too happy to tell me what fun they had over the weekend.

So what have I learned from all this?  Determination and Dream Big.  I realize that I am the one who can make my little dreams come true, even the silly ones.  I also know that it takes support from those around me but the drive must come from within.  And who cares how big, small, silly or funny the dream is.  Go for it!  I have to say this dream was artistic, silly, fun, but most importantly now fulfilled!

Now who wants to go to Ireland with me and drink beer with locals in a pub?  Hey, a girl has to put it out there!