OK, no I did not bungee jump nor sky dive this weekend.  Just to clarify, I have no desire to hurl myself out of anything that involves altitude.  So for those of you who emailed me I am not that kind of daredevil.  For me everything is about the arts.  Years back I saw the trend of "Trash the Dress" where photographers take photos of brides in the their gowns in unique locations.  The irony and contrast between the beauty of the dress and the location fascinated me.  Years ago I emailed Randall of Randall K Phillips Photography and asked him if he would photograph this for me.  We agreed it had to be a unique location and was not going to be the beach as everyone else.

So this weekend presented the opportunity for me to zip into that dress from nearly 13 years ago and find that location (fit like a glove).  It is funny to have these fun things on my Life List but another thing to actually go through with it.  I was so NERVOUS!  I am not used to be on that side of the camera at all.  We decided to shoot a couple of locations before we trashed the dress totally.  Location number one was one we scoped out in front of our hotel but it involved having the right light and being in and out of there before we got booted out

I have to say it was kind of fun to put that dress on again and have the princess pictures taken of me.  I do have to admit it took a couple cranberry & vodkas (liquid courage) to loosen up to do this. But with Susan there as the photographer’s assistant and their reassurance I got into it.  So here goes nothing…….. 
Rkp_8098 Rkp_8099 Rkp_8100_3
Rkp_8108 Rkp_8110 Rkp_8115

I have to say that I really got into this and it was a TON of fun.  I found it a little embarrassing when others gathered to take photos (it is not every day you see some nut in a bridal gown dunked in a fountain). 
Rkp_8156 Rkp_8160
Rkp_8166_2 Rkp_8170

So yes it was crazy but the art of it is amazing to me.  Randy did a phenomenal job and I am so thankful he shared his time and talents with little old me!  And Susan was so amazing to share this with.  She totally was into posing me and supporting my crazy idea.  Thank you Susan! 

So you are probably wondering if the dress was truly trashed…it was not! This was only Location #1 and my dress came out cleaner from that then when I went in.  So Location #2 would be shot on Monday.  Stay tuned…………..for the real trashing.

P.S. I forgot to menion that Randall covers San Diego areas too!  Time to dig out those dresses girls!