Another fabulous weekend is a wrap!  Sunday was my second Art Show…learning and loving as I go along!  As always I had my trusty assistant, daughter (and secret selling tool!) who also brought along a piece of her art:

I think it is important to give her that sound foundation of education but let her know it is great to have that creative side and do what you love.  It is also a great way for us to spend some time together.

It is not easy to put yourself out there and try something new but when talking to all these fellow artists they have the same doubts I do about their work (displaying it, pricing it, valuing it)…


But do you know what we have in common..this passion.  The ability to talk about what we love.  And it is so rewarding to have people go through your work and compliment it.  And BUY it!! 

Am I able to retire yet…nope but I have some great guidelines at 42 now…No more waiting, no more excuses…no more perfection.  Let go of what is not right..we all know what it is. Learn from the past…accomplishments and failures (even though I do not think there are any true failures).  And be YOU……As I recently said "Love this next chapter in my life…it is all mine to write.". 

It was a few short years ago that very few knew just how much I loved art and I never said "I am an Artist"…..I still have pangs of doubt as I admire other's work. But to those I spoke with this weekend and a lady bought a piece of my art and told me that her daughter was struggling and going through some tough times and this piece "would be perfect to send to her".  Man-alive……did that make it worth it.

And…after the show SIX of my pieces went to Artist Tree Studio to be displayed and featured for sale THERE!  How cool is that??! 


Another fun weekend and I find it best to share HERE with a slide show……

And to those friends who emailed/messaged (near and afar), stopped by and support me….dined with me, and encourage me to just be ME…..THANK YOU!  I dedicate my ever-selling "Beverage Art" to you!  Cheers (I call this necessary "Research and Development"):


I am already looking forward to the next ArtWalk July 1st!  Join me LIVE TONIGHT on twStudios UStream at 6:00 pm for some creativity and ArtWalk talk! 


 "Love this next chapter in my life…it is all mine to write." ~Tracy Weinzapfel