When the cats away, the mice will play.  Or in this case…When the boys are away the girls will play.  Tonight after gymnastics Micky and I found ourselves boyless which is a rare event.  Pete had the boys at baseball practice and then they went to Tyler's playoff basketball game.  Micky said she did not want to go to the basketball game and I had to agree with her.  Jammie pants and Oprah were calling our names.  We grabbed a quick dinner and went home to an empty quiet house.  I decided it was a perfect evening for a soak in the hot tub.

For those in the Midwest who believe us Californians soak up the beach and pool year-round that is not the case.  We have the beautiful pool and hot tub in the backyard and in the winter months we rarely use it.  I thought it would be nice to have some girl time in the hot tub and unwind from the day.  The look on Micky's face was worth the drama of me trying to maneuver those dials where I nearly drain the tub and fill it with cold water but I got it!

We took out the water camera and had some fun!
P3131374 P3131375  
P3131390  P3131394 

Now this is what I call California living
P3131381 P3131388  
P3131400  P3131410

P3131403 Not sure if you noticed but a third girl named Stella joined us.

I did all I could to not to focus on my white skin, winter fur coat on my legs, extra layer of lbs that I put on to keep me warm in the winter months and my unpedicured toes.  UGH……….

Gee, do you think those thoughts crossed through this girl's mind?

I have to admit that being away from the dusty fields and sweaty basketball courts felt great.  And the time I had with my sweet girl was worth it.