I have no idea where August went!  It was busy, filled with emotional highs and lows.  That is what life is all about.  It saw my teens first fender bender with everyone ok, one kiddo moved into college, start of school along with all preparations, a long boat trip with lots of fish and a very busy plate for this Mom.  I have to say I would have it no other way.  The best text said “Thanks for being the glue that holds it all together”.  Sometimes that is all you need………appreciation.


Lots of smiles and yet realizing that Summer Days are quickly coming to an end.  Oh man do I love summer and hate to see it go!  So this month’s re-cap in Photos is brought to you with Rascal Flatts’ “Summer Nights”……….who we saw in concert this month!

This is what I know for sure this month….the days are flying by, I am taking the time be present in the moment and take it all in, the up’s, the down’s and everything in between.  I am thankful and blessed.  Bring on September!

You can’t be your best without first being yourself. – Be highly effective by being highly authentic.  Take a moment to pause and remember who you are and what you stand for.  Take a moment to reflect on the ideas and principles that have real and lasting meaning in your life.”