Uncle Sal has changed the reel in the film project and the tour of the Land of Oz continues…

So the animals of Australia are extraordinary.  The birds are colorful and exotic, the furry creatures hop and the koalas are even cuter up close.  We were lucky to see them in the wild and in various zoos.  Our favorite zoo was the Featherdale Zoo (in fact we went twice since Kurtis could not go the first time).  It was truly a hands on experience for us where we got to feed and pet wallaby's, kangaroos, emus, koalas and more……. 

A dream was realized for Michaela.  Her favorite animal is the koala and all she wanted to do was pet a koala.  I explained to her that you cannot pet them however I was wrong.  She was able to get up close and personal at Featherdale. 


Then the Koala caught her by surprise and said "Talk to the Paw because the Bear Ain't Listening"

We also visited the Taronga Zoo which overlooks Sydney. 

So many dreams were realized on this trip….Mark and Kurtis got to show off their beautiful country (they were both great tour guides and are very patriotic Aussies), it was a very educational opportunity for us to experience another country and way more.  Did I mention it was cold there (of course it was winter)?  Coldest in like 26 years. 

Now we get to the good stuff like the beautiful landmarks and attractions that I wanted to experience.  Stay tuned….Uncle Sal must change the reels again and Aunt Betty is bringing out the fruit cake for your enjoyment. 


 The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.  ~St. Augustine