What do you get when you cross the stomach flu and a baseball party………one crazy mom who has to function on no energy at all.  Yesterday was one bad day for this mommy but I am happy to report that today I am standing upright and lost four lbs.  I will spare you the details of my sudden weight loss plan.  Needless to say I will be eating this weekend. 

With the help of some great friends who carted my children to and from school (thank you Janine and Victoria) I was able to get some much needed rest.  I did have to function last night for the twins last game and season ending party that I was putting on.  I missed the game because I was sleeping but lugged myself to the party.  It was fun and with the help of my parents there everything went great.  My coaches and parents gave me some nice presents (gift cards to two of my favorite restaurants).  So I will be gaining back that 4 lbs very soon.
_dsc3744 The best part of this job…the kids
_dsc3756 The second best part of the job….the gift!
_dsc3772 Thank you!
_dsc3795_2  More gifts!  Lucky team Mom!_dsc3747_2 Did I mention I lost 4 lbs!  I guess it did not come from my neck!

So I survived but was more than happy to have the day over so I could tuck myself back into bed.  THANK YOU TEAM STORM!