Wow, it has been awhile since I have blogged so much and hiked.  I believe there is a direct connection between me hitting the trails and writing.  Those are both things I love to do.  This is a great time of year to be hiking and Kelly and I hit the trails this week. This is a relatively new trail so I carried the camera along because it was so beautiful out.  Sure am glad I did………



We found a pond……..time to strike a pose!

The colors were beautiful along the way….


We got a kick out of reading the mountain lion warnings……rest assured if we were to see one, we would surely tried to "convince him we are not prey". That brings to mind the part in the movie Nemo "FIsh are Friends, not food!"


Kelly has this tradition to stack the rocks……I think this is her way of putting things back in balance……..

ahhhhhhhhhhhh……….things are where they should be.

TWB_2798aThanks friend for the hike, the exercise and the laughs!  Nothing puts things back right like a good hike with a good friend.

See ya next week (yes I said next week and not next month!)


"Leave tracks. Just as others have been wav-pavers for your good fortune, so you should aid those who will follow in your way" ~Ruth Bader Ginsburg