I have taken a little hiatus from blogging.  I love to blog…it is a journal of sorts and a place I share my art and a part of me.  Every now and again I get blogger block and I just cannot write nor do I feel motivated.  So taking a little hiatus from writing feels good but I miss is…so I decided to pick it back up with something I know, love and never feel a loss for words….the kiddos.

Kidlet #1 is in high school track and pole vaulting – no pictures for this one but more coming.  It has been hard to get to his meets as they are so far away which is a bummer plus our darn school did not have the mats required for this event so they have had to travel but looks like we have a home meet coming soon which I cannot wait! VERY proud of him taking on this new sport and doing so great….and he is a teenager so grunting is now a meaningful form of communication.

Kidlet #2 is mid season in soccer and LOVING it.  I am enjoying his energy for the game.  It helps that for the first time he is on an undefeated team and has scored in every game but one.  One game he had 3 goals!  I had to pay up with a trip to Yogart Barn for that one (Best money ever spent). 


Kidlet #3 is in mid season of travel basketbal and although I would like to report a winning record I cannot.  She is learning lots about the game and having fun so that is all that matter.  This mom loves the pace of the game and seeing her have so much fun!

So back to blogging, back to what I love.  In fact, I have taken the blog time off to do exactly that…what I love and enjoy my time with the kids and friends.  Sometimes we all need that break.  Break over and I am back to blogging….heading away this weekend for some fun and sound of slots!  Looking forward to that break too to energize my creative spirit!


"Love yourself first and everything falls into place" Lucille Ball