This week the kids are back and school which means many things…the laundry is caught up, the house stays clean for more than 15 minute stints and moms everywhere are doing the Back to School Jig!!  It also means back to school photos which they dread and us moms love!  I believe it is a moms right to take those dreaded shots and so I did….. TWB_1606a
this year I send my oldest off to high school and as "cool" as he acted when I dropped him off it was so bitter-sweet for me.  I felt like I was letting him go even further into the world… steps please!

 The twins are in 4th grade and they are up and ready to go at the crack 'o dawn……..

Those little feet are all growing and getting further from the nest…


but this Momma Bear could not be more proud of where and who they are…

Now back to my regularly scheduled Mommy Back to School Jig! Woo Hoo!


"Remember to be grateful for all the wonderful things you have in your life" ~Carol Kane