As much as I am not ready for summer to end….I was ready for school to begin.  I LOVE (and LIVE) for back to school pictures.  With my teenager it has turned into a bribing situation but he knows I will bater for those beloved photos! 

This year I have two 5th Graders and a Sophomore! (how did I get this old?)

TWB_1062 copy

I am ever so proud of them and who they are individually…

TWB_1011 copy
TWB_1022 copy
TWB_1094 copy

As you all step out into this world…I hope you make wise choices, learn as much as you can, and enjoy what this year has to be bring to you.  I am with you all the way right by your side, pushing you along (and at times shoving you in the hopefully right direction doing the best I possibly can as your Mom)…

TWB_1072 copy

TWB_1079 copy
TWB_1086 copy

Of course someone else had to have her back to school phtoos taken….

TWB_1043 copy
TWB_1101 copy

As I watch them walk into school I feel proud to be their mom and proud of who they are…

TWB_1107 copy

Penny was all set to go and could tell it was going to be a lot quieter around the house,  We both did a secret dance when they left…well one of us took a load off…..

TWB_1058 copy

To my fellow moms let's give ourselves a pat on the back for making it through another summer and to our kiddos remember there is a village who is watching over you.