So Kelly and I resumed our quest for being one with nature and hiked up our mountain today.  We were in sync with the sun and Mother Nature.  Ok, not really, the sun nearly killed us and we sweated like pigs.  Not to mention we bitched and moaned the whole way up.  I swear we should video tape one of our hikes as I am not sure anyone could stand listening to us for more than 5 minutes.  But in our quest for thinner thighs and leaner muffin tops we trodded up the mountain. 
P5181519 P5181522

As usual, I like to talk to Kelly to pass the time and keep her from passing out.  On this venture I entertained her with talk of food from my recent trip to Chicago.  Kelly and I are both foodies.  We love to talk about food, think about food, and most importantly eat food (hence our need to hike a lot).  So my detailed explanation of steak, twice baked potatos, soup, pizza, etc. started to get to both of us after awhile.  But we trudged on and could feel the fat melting away from our bodies.  More sweat, more complaing and yet the food talk goes on. 

So what happens when you talk about food…… get hungry.  So Kelly came up with a brilliant idea…………..We needed Grand Slam breakfasts to celebrate our tek to the top. 
P5181524 P5181527

Hmmmmmmmmmm…………I am thinking that Kelly and I would last about 3 minutes on Survivor. LOL  But how can something like this be fattening

especially when it makes you feel so darn happy……….Kelly and I will hold off on that application to Survivor.  For one thing, you cannot take cameras with you. 

Hey Kel, I say we hit Yosemite next but make sure there is a Steakhouse in the local vicinity!