Slowly we are getting back to reality.  Today I went back to work.  I went in for a few hours by myself to file away 2006.  That year sure flew by!  Also, I hit the gym hard this week and am sore to prove it.  When I cough my ab muscles just crinch in pain.  It is a good pain. 

Mom and Dad are really helping out.  Mom takes the kids off which is such a nice break for me.  Being able to go to Dr’s appointments, work, the grocery store, etc. without my entourage is so great!  The kids are really enjoying the time too.  Tyler and Grandma are enjoying their trips to the library and their Starbucks "Frapps".  Tyler is in for a surprise when Grandma leaves and he has no one to feed his Starbucks habit.  Dad continues to ride his bike and you can tell he just hates to be inside when the sun is shining which is all the time!  He finished putting on the hardware on our kitchen cabinets and moved on to the new ceiling fan.   It is so great to get these little jobs done. 

As for my mammogram… was nothing.  For those of you who are scared to do it and think it is painful it is not!  I was literally done in 15 minutes and thought it was nothing.  The hardest part of the whole deal for me was just dialing the phones to set the appointment.  It is done and I am keeping my fingers crossed for good results.  Glad it is done and as the saying goes  "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure".What_i_like_about_me

I am getting ready for CHA.  It is three weeks away and many of the companies I work for need last minute items.  This month my challenge for FiberMark was to create a layout depicting what I like about myself.  That is so darn hard.  It was hard for me to journal so I just stuck with bullets.  This is what I came up with.  I challenge you all to sit down and list what you like about yourself.