I have formally taken myself out of the running for Blogger of the Year, Mom of the Year and just in case I was even up for it…..Landscaper of the Year.  So with that load off my chest I will just excuse myself by saying this past two months has been a blur of activity.  There is no other excuse other than being a business owner, operator, secretary, janitor, mom duties, volunteer and having hand surgery.  Ok, that catches me up. 

I will briefly touch on the hand surgery…..Months ago I was diagnosed with a tumor in my right index finger (trigger finger).  It was aggressive and fast growing so right after I returned from CHA it had to be removed.  I figured I would be up and about right away but it took a lot out of me.  There was a sense of worry at times wondering if it was the 'C'-Word but last week all the pathology reports came back as non-cancer so I am glad I never went there.  Now it is on to physical therapy and trying to get this bugger operational.  So yes, I had a tumor in my finger of all places but all is good.  And let me tell you it got me out of lots of vacuuming and cooking so there is another plus side

So why not just start with the present and then go backwards as boy oh boy have I been busy.  I will start with my my boy growing into a young man.  He went to his first dance last weekend and I have to say part of me was not ready and part of me was "Oh boy here we go".

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He went "stag" (don't think that is the word he would use) and I have to share the Words of Wisdom that his grandpa parted on him via email.  Both of them will probably kill me for throwing this into cyber-space but for heavens sake I have a hurt finger and cannot control what it types……

So from the words of my Dad a.k.a 'Papa'…



I hear you are going to a dance tonight with your friends (buddys). I have a little advice for you. – Don't stand along the wall with your buddys talking about dancing. Pick out a good looking skirt and ask her to dance. If she says no – pick out another and go for it. You will have more fun dancing then standing or sitting there talking about it and the girls will love it too. That's why they call it a dance. It is not a buddy get together. You can do that anytime. One more thing – If you do not know how to do a certain dance – ask the girl to teach it to you. You will have even more fun having some sweet young girl showing you how. 

Take Care and have fun   Grampa

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Now I do find this to be very helpful advice but does my Dad really think there are "Dance Steps" to be memorized such as the Jive or Jitterbug?  So into the great big world my son went with those words of Wisdom.  Thank you Dad for making me add a few extra bucks into his therapy jar.  By the way, my dad is available for outside counsel and can email the youth of today if you need. He runs the gamut so no topic is off limits.  I love you Dad.